Explore the Galaxy With Frontier: Elite II

Nothing beats a game revolving around the epic scene of the galaxy that's simply surreal and exciting just by its concept alone. One of the most memorable classic game that you must definitely try is the Frontier: Elite II, a game that was made known by GameTek back in 1993 which was the most-awaited sequel of the Elite game that was released way back in 1984. You'll be able to play this game on DOS platform, Atari ST and Amiga. Though old, this game definitely packs exciting and appealing features that basically became inspirations to many games we know of today.

Frontier: Elite II is both a combat simulator and a space-trading video game and it was solely written by the renowned David Braben. The game didn't stray too far away from its predecessor as it is remained an open-ended game but was improved through adding realistic concepts of physics and its laws along with a somewhat precise model of our very own galaxy.

This game has also garnered a lot of first-time achievements for the industry such as the fact that its star system that's procedurally generated is a feature that definitely surprised the gaming industry back then. This feature flaunted complex and sophisticated coding that showed the model of the solar system at that time and was infused with the physics laws we know. What also made it more sophisticated than other games is that it allows a random distribution of materials, guaranteeing that each system has features that are unique from others, allowing a wider range of excitement and entertainment.

Unfortunately, this game is not plot-driven which means that there's definitely no definite point of 'winning' or 'losing' in this game. No script missions are even placed, therefore the sole goal of each players is to travel across the galaxy, carry out different missions along the way, trade in different ways, travel through different systems and many more. This basically means that the victory you may be looking for can only be defined by what you want to achieve in the game as a player.

When compared to its predecessor, Frontier is definitely on a whole new league and it has also set the bar high not for only space games, but all other games which aims to give a realistic appeal to players. The game however, received mixed reviews from renowned companies where some considered it exemplary while other viewed it as dull and boring. Nonetheless, it will still certainly be entertaining for you to try it and judge is greatness for yourself.

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