The Rise of Elite III - Frontier: First Encounters

Following the revolutionary legacy and footstep of its predecessor, Elite and Frontier: Elite II, another part of this sequel was once again released on 1995 to shake the very foundations of the game industry and continue yet another exciting space exploration that we've grown to love - the Frontier: First Encounters. This game remains as a combat simulating video game packed with exciting space trading features that will render you with an extremely engaging and interactive gameplay like you've never experienced before.

This classic game was made and conceived by the Frontier Developments while it was again released by none other than Gametek for the DOS platform. This game was also known in different names such as the Elite III or the FFE. In this game, the player will play as a pilot of a spaceship with the goal to scour the galaxies in search of romantic and epic adventures filled with mission clearings, combats with other elements in the game, while also trading in order to amp the performance of your spaceship for more difficult trials that will meet your way.

Though the machines where this game are intended to played on is relatively weak compared to what we are using today, it is certainly awe-inspiring that it has featured highly-sophisticated gameplay topped with procedural texturing to randomly distribute other elements in the game like surfaces of planets, snows, vegetation and many more. There are also other elements such as cliffs, aliens, mountain ranges and other unique features that builds up the atmosphere of the game that makes it more enjoyable and breathtaking than it already is.

Frontier: First Encounters also brought many elements from its predecessor, Frontier: Elite II, and improved them in its own way. However, it definitely didn't stray apart from the gameplay we love about the Elite series and though Gametek has somewhat experienced mishaps along the way of publishing it, the game still earned quite the acclaim when it was released.

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