The Return of the Epic Space Adventure With Elite: Dangerous

When a game keeps getting a sequel over and over again, I believe it's safe to assume that it has definitely piqued the hearts and interest of the players it garnered through the years. Though it disappeared for quite a long time from the industry, one of the games that definitely fits the description I've mentioned is the continuation of the epic legacy of Elite through its 4th release, Elite: Dangerous. This open-ended game will carry you to extreme heights of excitement and enjoyment by letting you explore the vast Milky Way Galaxy, rendered in the most realistic open world you may have ever seen.

Elite: Dangerous, just as its ancestral games, sticks to the combat simulation and trading features packed in a wild adventure through the space with all the things you love about the Elite series topped with more exemplary features that will amp your experience. The most noticeable change in this release that followed the Frontier: First Encounters was the fact that its developers made a glorious attempt to send this epic game in a gigantic multiplayer game that would definitely boggle your minds.

The developers of the game definitely found mishaps along their path in terms of funding, but thankfully, it has successfully managed to publish the game to the public on the 6th of December, 2014. Versions of the game for other consoles have also been released later on such as for Xbox, Xbox One, OS X. Many players are also expecting that this game might release versions for Playstation 4 and the renowned Oculus Rift as well. In terms of sale, the game has definitely accomplished an incredible feat with 500,000 total game copies sold and still counting.

This game, Elite: Dangerous, sets out its adventure, 45 years from FFE/Elite III which in the game's time, is in 3300 when the game was released. From then on, it has run on sync with our own time and is currently letting players enjoy the year 3301. There has been a serious improvement on the game's features, from the graphical aspect up to its core gameplay structure that will definitely make your mouth water in excitement.

There have already been a plethora of reviews made for this game with different scores and ratings marked as their judgments, however, all of them will definitely agree with the fact that this game is definitely one space adventure you wouldn't want to miss.

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