Details About Video Games: Movie 2014

When it's about entertainment, there'll definitely be no one out there who won't agree that video games will definitely hit you at the right spot when you're bored or just looking for some fun. However, the topic of video games along with everything that falls under its category is definitely wide and very vague which almost makes it impossible for one player to know everything there is to know about them, unless you're an extremely hardcore player or even a NEET. Whether you're a player or just someone who wants to dive and know more about them, then why don't you watch the Video Games: The Movie 2014.

There are many movies out there that has put other industries on the hot seat in front of the public, however, most of them tackled only specific sections of their market one at a time to process information more efficiently so that can it easily be understood by anyone. Video Games: The Movie 2014, is definitely one of the first movies that tried to tackle a vague and wide topic and taken up the challenge to show the awesomeness of video games in about 90 minutes.

The movie was a documentary one made by Jeremy Snead and it had made its debut on 2014 with the help of the crowd-funding hosted by none other than Kickstarter and Indiegogo. In the film, about 45 minutes is said to be documentary footages while the remaining parts are from edited parts and montages made to make the movie more appealing.

Unfortunately, the game definitely tumbled down from its release and had receive negative reviews from left to right. Reviewers said that taking up the challenge to tackle everything about video games in a single movie made it looked like it was crammed while every concept and point was blurred to the point that it was not understandable. There are also those who said that it definitely won't even be understood by those who aren't completely knowledgeable about gaming. You can still certainly watch this movie, however, brace yourself since it will definitely be more fast-paced than you think.

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